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Personal data:

Date of birth: 26.3.1958.
Place of birth: Rijeka, Croatia
Institute of Physics, PO Box 304, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 00 385 1 4698802
Fax: 00 385 1 4698889
(e-mail: slobodan@ifs.hr)
web: http://max.ifs.hr/~slobodan


Primary school: OŠ Josip Brusić, Rijeka 1964-1967, OŠ Petar Preradović, Zagreb 1968-1972
Mathematical Gymnasium, Matematička gimnazija, Zagreb, Sutlanska bb 1972-1976

Diploma work (B.S.) at The Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, Univ. of Zagreb, July 1981.
Master thesis (M.S.) on atomic and molecular physics at the University of Zagreb, July 1984.
PhD Thesis in the field of atomic and molecular physics at the University of Zagreb, Institute Ruđer Bošković December 1986.

Professional experience

Since 1981 permanently employed at the Institute of Physics of the University Zagreb, as:
scientific assistant - elected 1984,
scientific associate - elected 1988,
higher scientific associate - elected 1993,
senior scientist - elected 1999,
senior scientist (II) - elected 2004.
director - since 1. June 2013.

International experience

Max-Planck-Institut f\"{u}r Str\"{o}mungsforschung, G\"{o}ttingen, Postdoc fellow and visiting scientist, - more than three years
I.C.T.P fellow at Dipartimento di Fisica, Universit\`{a} di Pisa, Italy, - nine months
Associate Guest Professor at Niels Bohr Institute, Oersted Laboratoriet, Copenhagen, - fifteen months


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